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The Crossing Down

In days to come you will have good use of this
such are the things you will see you who will come here.
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"Countenance," It's Shocking But This Is What happens

I'm worried, that's nothing new however every now and then I see something or I find out something that reminds me that I can't even begin to possibly imagine the size of the shock to come. One thing is certain and that is that once the facts of what actually happens between the Earth and the Moon become known again every person will be effected to some degree in whatever way sooner or later. As always humans will continue to go forward all men and women created equal in the image of the Awesome Good. People already know this in our hearts, thanks to our ancestors who knew about this reaching back in time to our origin.

We are an exact living matter copy of what the heart of the Changed and Lasting Light looks like and and how it is shaped. Sitting or crouching facing away towards the distance of Changed Light from the Moon which is looking like a valley at this point, you see an extremely precisely detailed shape that is solid Lasting Light from the Moon as if a statue. You see this shape in front of you from a viewing point or position located just above and behind this shape as if you were standing on a ladder looking down to the ground a small number of yards away. Very clearly visible you suddenly find yourself looking down in front of yourself and you see the back and the right side of a crouching or sitting muscular man.

I started this page during the time that Pope Francis was visiting the United States. I watched cnn coverage and also cbc and ctv coverage. I was struck and impressed by the devotion and passion and the love that the public showed at all the various events the Pope attended. At various points prayers were lead by the Pope. Over the years I have heard the word "countenance," used and once again during prayers I was hearing this word countenance used. It occurred to me that I should look it up and see what it's suppose to mean or be about. This particularly so because I was once again hearing countenance used in association with a reference to "his face." Incredibly after all that you have seen happen once the Moon's Changed Light is first seen, suddenly you find yourself seeing face to face with a human shape that is solid Lasting Light. Once this intense staring contest starts it continues and is central to and is at the heart the entire Changed and Lasting Light event.

1. Appearance, especially the expression of the face:
2. The face or facial features.

Countenance, a reference to the literal or metaphorical "face of God"

Countenance' refers to the human physical appearance.

Once again, I'm worried, and again that's nothing new however every now and then I see something or I find out about something that reminds me that I can't even begin to possibly imagine the size of the shock to come. This reminds me of when I first heard the definition of the word resurrection. The regular Greek word for resurrection appearing throughout the New Testament is anastasis. This is a compound word comprised of ana, which means “up,” and stasis, which means “to rise,” or “to stand.” Thus, anastasis means “to rise up” or “to stand up.”

“to rise up” or “to stand up.” The Awesome Good is how I think of the heart of the Changed Light event. The muscular Awesome Good does both. He stands up and turns around and then gently rises twice on an angle upwards oriented face to face towards the place where you are seeing down from within the Changed Light at this point within the flat layer of the white clouds of the Valley floor. This heart was created formed and shaped into the precisely detailed exact form of an impressive muscular man by the point of a shadow that was cast by a vertically standing crater rim piece located on the surface of the crossing Object I describe. This shape changes and evolves and moves and continues to exist or last. Once the flat area is seen to his left suddenly from his original crouching or sitting position facing directly away from you in one fast motion this muscular male human form turns around to the left, his left and stands up to face you directly, the viewer. It's still a shape that is the Changed light from the Moon that was then further shaped by the same big main shadow that led your eye to this spot within the Changed and Lasting Light originally. Face to face you are now seeing something that happened earlier as the shadow continued it's ongoing interactions with the Changed light. A record of sorts is stored within the Changed Light's many waves or layers of slowed down light then to be displayed or seen later. At a basic level and basically overall that's what happens. Once the shadow drops shadows cast from the crossing Object interact with the suddenly drastically changed light from the Moon and then incredible things are seen.

Finding out that resurrection means to stand up was shocking for me. Since I was twelve years old I've known about how he stands up and turns around and rises and you go face to face at this point and beyond into his new second look or appearance. Finding texts that match with what I saw during the Object's return happens however now and then it's just more shocking than other times. For me this is now very true with countenance as well and is the reason why I'm writing this page. This really reminded me about the deep and far reaching implications that I can't imagine and the size of the shock and surprise that people will be suddenly facing also something I can't imagine.

I have always had to try to be ready for whatever the next shock to do with the Object was going to be about but I am never completely really ready. A basic question I have to ask when I see something or read about something that is about or might be about the Object and the shapes and things seen within the Moon's Changed Light is this; compared to what I saw for example what else could the ancient text or ancient myth or common ancient theme etc be describing? Often it's very clear. After you see the Object and the Changed Light the same effect will happen where you will just know right away for example that an ancient text you are reading or know matches exactly with something you just saw in the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light. You will ask yourself the question, compared to what a person sees in the Changed Light for example what else could the ancient text be describing? If it's clearly obvious you will understand that fact instantly. There are many things and topics recorded and described in ancient texts. One of those topics is the celestial Object that crosses down through between the Moon and the Earth and the Changed and Lasting Light event that the Object causes to happen to the light from the Moon and the light from the background of space.

It is my belief that among those people who lead us the leaders that have moral authority and the true love and respect of those they lead and others as well, will not only survive the truth of the Changed Light but they will be propelled into the future by knowing about the Object and especially by knowing about seeing the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light.

The ancient mystery is there, a shape like a statue is caused to happen. This shape is solid lasting changed light from the Moon and is in the form of a muscular man. The Changed Light's magical imprinting effect starts instantly as soon as you are looking at the Changed Light. The way you find yourself suddenly seeing from close up also happens instantly as soon as you start to see the Changed Light. Directly after you are finished seeing the Changed Light the after glow effect that you'll see is stunning and pronounced. The outer edges of this shape you will be seeing small and just out in front of you, matches the entire overall outer shape of the Changed Light from it's first instant onwards when it was initially the sight of the crossing Object and the Ancient Lasting Light Valley to the right. The same effect that caused you to see the immediate after glow of seeing and what I think of as the large shape effect that can be seen later even many years later, I think is also is related to the answer to the question; why are we an exact copy of a shape that is light? The Changed Light has special qualities that I believe lead straight to the heart of the ancient mystery and The Shape Effects is how I think of this effect and my best attempt to try to begin to describe it.

Either what is seen in the Changed Light and the Man of Light are connected to us humans down here on Earth or there is no connection. For me it's clear, some life eventually looked up and somehow some of the life that looked up and saw the heart of the Changed Light was caused to physically copy and become the shape that it was seeing. We are an exact copy, we bear the image of an ancient statue like shape that is Moon light that becomes transformed by the crossing Object, then next to be sculpted, formed and shaped into the solid 3 dimensional shape of a man by the point of a shadow that was cast by a massive towering vertically standing crater rim piece located on the surface of the crossing Object. The basic bottom line is a fantastic thing happened and it still happens!!! You can see the exact same sights that have always been seen the next time the Object rolls down across between the Earth and the Moon.

The Ancient Object returns and crosses down eclipsing the Moon. When the Moon's light emerges from behind the speeding forward rolling Object it is seen to the right and in the area above and to the upper right relative to the Object's upper right horizon. Somehow the light from the Moon has become drastically changed by the speeding crossing Object's forces and influences. The Object's raised surface feature comes into view up from behind the Object up towards you from over the top of the forward rolling Object. This giant mound becomes steep curving cliff then a massive overhang. A large shadow is suddenly caused to form under the mound clinging to it's ceiling as a result of the Object's continuous forward rolling motion. The growing shadow spreads out left and right and thickens then it reaches and stretches down an instant before it suddenly drops down to the Object's surface below. Instantly the shadow starts moving across the Object's surface to the viewer's right on an angle towards the upper right region traveling through a sea of massive towering Standing Stone Craters. Ahead of the thickening very black shadow's moving wave long narrow shadows that were each cast from individual vertically standing crater rim pieces are seen.

Next a group of three main shadows emerge ahead of the rest of the individual tall shadows that lead the shadow's main thick black wave. Looking at the point of the larger central main shadow of the group of three shadows, causes or results in the viewer seeing that this shadow's point suddenly sculpts and shapes and creates the heart of the Changed and Lasting Light, the sight of the back of the ancient muscular Man of Light. Then the things you see and everything that happens progress from there with the way the shadow continues to progress sculpting and shaping through the next areas of moving Lasting Light causing what the viewer sees next to flow or further progress.

Next after the Man of Light drifts upwards twice while the viewer is still looking down from the same original unmoving viewing position "from above and behind," suddenly next the viewer sees what is seen within the next area or wave of moving Lasting Light. The shadow's time earlier sculpting and shaping further in the Changed Light happens and is seen like a natural movie or action or movement and the next thing that is seen is the Man of Light turning to his left and standing up all in one fast motion to then be oriented directly towards the viewer face to face. It's Light that has been shaped by Shadow into the shape of a human face with an upturned stare that results in sudden startling direct eye to eye contact for the viewer. A startling direct dramatic intense face to face situation. Next this shape continues to drift upwards towards your viewing position, the same place were you first saw his muscular back from. At this point you are unmoving still seeing from the same spot where your earlier forward motion stopped. At this point you are also still seeing from down below the top of the layer of the flat white clouds of the valley floor. You are still seeing from within the white misty indiscernible cloud effect now going face to face as this next area of formed and shaped Lasting Light gently drifts upwards on an angle towards you twice. I used to always think of this as the big noticing. The very real feeling that I had was that I was being looked at and scrutinized ever harder as the face of the Awesome Good got nearer rising closer. Face to face is what is really seen and what really happens. And it keeps happening locked in with incredible increasing indescribable intensity and difficulty as I try my best to describe in the Return Viewer's Guides.

As impossible as this sounds unless you've seen and know this for yourself, I believe that the face of the heart of the Changed and Lasting Light, the face of the ancient Man of Light is seen carved in stone and is the face of the the Great Sphinx of the Giza Plateau. I believe this is Man of Light's third evolution or look after his initial muscular look, and his second look, the rising Lion Man. Properly seen from a place that would be up in the air above and in front of the face of the Sphinx where you could look down on an angle that matches the angle that you are looking down on when you first see him sitting or crouching facing away towards the valley. Then this is when when he first gets up and turns around to his left all in one motion to then go face to face. This is preceding and leading up to the next instant in time, the start of the first initial face to face seconds that you see before the entire area of Changed Light rises. Before the Changed Light's repeating inward pulsing happens as you look down face to face you are looking directly into the upturned eyes of his the nearing face of the Man of Light as he gently rises towards you twice upwards along this same angle. Look at the angle that the Sphinx looking up at.

An extremely important fact to remember is that the sights I am describing were caused to happen within the Moon's Changed Light because crossing Object's forces changes the way the Moon's light looks and behaves. Then the vertically standing crater rim pieces on the crossing Object's surface cast individual shadows in the direction of the Moon's Changed light. An interaction takes place between the shadows and the Changed Light. Suddenly the light lasts and remains solid in place. Everything seen and everything that happens has to happen in a repeating in exact way. I saw the muscular Man of Light in perfect detail. I can read about what I saw. The only way this could possibly happen the way it does is either with the whole solar system is involved or at minimum, the crossing Object, the Moon, Earth and sun are in such extreme synchronization that when the pointy tips of the shadows strike and start to sculpt and shape and create in the Changed and Lasting Light they do so in such a way as to sculpt an incredible statue like figure of a perfect muscular man. There must be some sort of orbital cycle in place that is in perfect balance and timing if the shadows can do this in such precise detail. It's all to big and beyond me to understand but I can try to ask some of the right questions. I have always been in total awe and wonder and respect when I think of the Man of Light, The Awesome Good.

The way the Man of Light looks changes, I saw the first two looks or versions that happen. I believe there may be three types of looks that happen. It's very possible there may be more types and variations as well I don't know. The first version is the muscular man sitting then standing up to his left and turning around face to face. Then face to face with you he then closes the distance rising twice directly towards your position along an angle that matches his upwards stare. The second version happens when he stops after the second time he moves upwards. Suddenly the light's rapid repeating inward pulsing happens. Since I was a boy I have always thought of his him as the Lion Man at this point and moving forward from this point in the Changed Light event. The instant you see this new sight, a shape or form that is Changed and Lasting Light, everything that you see rises in extremely dramatic fashion. This is the time of the most difficulty for the viewer as I try to describe in the Return viewer Guides.

Face to face seconds that always happen and can be seen by anyone who looks and doesn't look away.
Uninterrupted direct viewing is key to seeing in the Changed and Lasting Light.
Within the changed Light you will suddenly find yourself seeing from the place you were just looking at. A hard to describe viewing effect but basically that's how it works. If you look away you will have to start over. Look away and you might not get to see the big main shadow's point's sudden squiggly zig zagging motion as it creates the muscular ancient Man of Light out of and with the solid looking Changed light from the Moon. Look away and you might not get to see and go face to face with the Man of Light. Please follow the viewing information in the
Return Viewer's Guides
and whatever you do once you are seeing the Changed Light, DON'T LOOK AWAY!

This is much more than basic viewing advice. If you are seeing the Mountain Phase happening you will be shocked and you will suddenly find that you are not only still seeing from up close, up there, you are physically shocked because you become aware that you can fell an incredible pressure that flows as you see the Changed Light rise. Another huge reason for even more shock is that you are now seeing more human forms arrayed around and beside and around him in two curving arches that match the curve of the upper right horizon. Somehow the long tall shadows that the massive towering rim pieces cast can cause the human form to be the result of the interactions of the shadows and the Moon's Changed Light.

1. Appearance, especially the expression of the face:
2. The face or facial features.
Countenance, a reference to the literal or metaphorical "face of God"

Countenance' refers to the human physical appearance.

Numbers 6:25-26 King James Version (KJV)
25 The Lord make his face shine upon thee,
26 The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee,

All of these examples come from this page: Numbers 6:26

International Standard Version
May the LORD turn to face you,

Douay-Rheims Bible
The Lord turn his countenance to thee,

World English Bible
Yahweh lift up his face toward you,

English Standard Version
the LORD lift up his countenance upon you

GOD'S WORD® Translation
The LORD will look on you with favor

The facts of the ancient crossing Object and the Moon's Changed are shocking for me to know but I'm stuck with them because by what was a complete lucky fluke while taking my turn using a small backyard telescope I saw the ancient crossing Object rolling down and I saw the changed Light event that it causes to happen with the Moon's light and the light from the background of space otherwise I wouldn't know anything about this just like other people. Clearly obviously this is not an easy thing. I have my opinions as to what some of it might mean. Soon everyone will know and be confronted by the facts of the Object's return and what happens and what is seen in the Lasting light. Opinions will be formed as to what it all means and what's it's all about as in keeping with our human traditions and our ancient human heritage.

Hopefully the truth of the Changed Light will cause us humans to agree that we need each other and we have to get along and cooperate in order to save our planet and ourselves. I believe that soon we will realize, we will be caused to realize that this is the task before us all.


Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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