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The Crossing Down

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Failed Projects

I'm not sure what to do in this situation however as far as my interests are concerned saying something about the situation we are in today may be better than not saying something about it. The left over pieces of work we did together have value. Regarding a basic fair starting point for us in the future our original 50/50 agreement does give us our starting point because it was our starting point. One day we will sort this out. If we are able to eventually accomplish that task at some later point in the future after the return of the Ancient Object, that would represent what would be the best possible outcome that could be realized.

I am taking this opportunity to describe the status of the two separate projects listed below.

I want to comment and also state my position in regards to the possibility of me participating in any future renewal or restart of either of the below two projects. Also importantly I am also restating and making it clear that regarding of all my contributions in all forms to these two projects and all projects and agreements I may enter into, all rights are reserved.

At present in what seems apparent at least to some degree is that neither of the two individuals below could imagine that spending any more of their time on our work together could be worthwhile or worth any more of their time or efforts. As I have mentioned before I understand that for anyone and for basically everyone today it can only be impossible to realize that the details I describe are real.

In both of the below agreements I made a commitment and my intention was to follow everything through to completion. I must say that I hold both below individuals in high regard and feel fortunate to have been able to work with them. Unfortunately work on both of the below projects did suddenly cease and end incomplete without any sort of explanation given directly to me. This was very disappointing for me for many reasons. In both of the below situations it never occurred to me that there was any other possible outcome other than all the work that was started and underway would be completed.

I know the Object and I saw the Moon's changed light. It's been completely obvious to me for decades that for anyone who was able to cover this topic and tell this story there certainly was the potential to be successful even if success was looked at or measured in only a financial sense. I did think and I did believe that both of the below projects were going to be successful in a very important broad way and also in a historical sense.

When I entered into these two agreements to combine efforts in the form of these two joint projects I knew that I was providing a unique opportunity to both of these individuals. I had just started to finally do something about this situation after not wanting to be a part of this returning Object business at all for basically 35 years. I knew I had to get some important information out there to the main people who actually really needed to know about the Object. This incase there turned out to be negative downside effects felt by the Earth in association with the Object's return. My motivation is the safety of my kids and as it turns out the safety of all of the world's kids and their future. As usual that great weight I know pressed in on me as I struggled trying to figure out what to do. The gravity of the situation we are all in is very clear to me even if I can only imagine a small fraction of it.

The two individuals listed below stepped up and especially the case of the first project it really felt like I was getting help with this daunting task from a good friend. They were helping me and I knew I needed that help and also at the same time I knew that I was also helping them to be successful. I had always assumed that in the long run there was going to always be the possibility of working together again on future projects. In large part offering to enter into another set of joint projects separately with both of the below two individuals again later after the Object's next Return was going to be very much my way of thanking them both for the help they had given me in what happens to be an extremely important and difficult area of work and study, before the people the world were aware of this situation. For me this just adds to the disappointment of the situation and does also reflect on the fact that opportunities have been missed and many more opportunities will be missed because none of the follow up work we would or could have been envisioning and planning to undertake with each other now has any possible chance to actually happen.

This topic, this story is hugely important! A Return event is the profound big thing that happens. Truly both a historian's and a story teller's dream. If these two projects had been completed it could have made a real difference for the people in our time and also for those in the future. From my perspective then and now if you are working on something to do with the Object and especially the Changed and Lasting Light that work is supremely important. You have a chance to help and make a difference for the people of the world and that's important. We could have been successful together doing something that was actually important and actually historically very important as well.

Now if one or both of the below individuals decides to try to complete the work whatever the end product or products that may emerge they will be a weak faint reflection of what could have been and should have been if work was completed with my input and our joint participation as originally planned before the Object's return. Insignificant and without any real importance and too late to be relevant at all. I can picture it and that probable future situation looks pretty sad to me especially in comparison to what should have been. Like I said both of these two eventual outcomes were very disappointing for many reasons.

Later in the future after the Ancient Object's return, whatever the reasons that may eventually finally given to me by the two below individuals for quitting these two important projects, these reasons for quitting will be completely totally trivial in the historic big picture that they both will be confronted with at that future time. With even a little effort and some communication and even any communicate these reasons for quitting could, should and would have been very easily overcome. Clearly at a minimum the desire and the actions required to continue proceeding forward to our project's final completion were absent.

I am stating basic facts as they relate to what unfortunately eventually turned out to be two failed projects.

Later after the Return of the orbiting ancient celestial Object that I described to both of you, given what will be the clear and suddenly obvious fact that I did indeed provide real descriptions and that I did in fact describe what really does happen it will be to late. It's already to late now. It's to bad but it is what it is. That said it really is unfortunate that there was no end result and this is how things turned out.



Timothy J. Thompson

In good faith we worked together on a joint project,
an interview for a book project titled
"the interview",
and we have an oral/verbal 50/50
agreement in place and not a
formal written agreement.

Without any notice or explanation you stopped work. Once again I found myself in a situation where
many many months were going by without
correspondence from you.

I read the unfortunate comment you made to
me using the BTRadio chat PM service.

It was at that point in time when
I realized that unfortunately
I had no other option other than to join you
and also stop work on our joint project.

Because of this unfortunate situation
I am no longer
obligated to resume our joint efforts.

I recognize our rights,
an equal share/interest in
any and all potential future revenue
generated and made possible as a result
of our past combined efforts.

Our original stated intentions
interests promised to each other
ensures our copyright interests
are protected and guaranteed under
Canadian, American and International
copyright and intellectual property
law agreements.

Don Beeton

All Rights Reserved






Nathan Fleet

In good faith we worked together on a joint project,
an interview for a short film or documentary, and we have an oral/verbal 50/50 agreement in place and not the standard formal written agreement you
mentioned but did not offer to me because
you indicated it was
not necessary
in/for our particular situation

Without any notice or explanation you stopped work. You then chose to ignore a number of emails I sent to you requesting a reply because I was wondering why I was unable to contact you using email as I had done previously leading up to that point in time.
Since that time more than nine years have now
gone by and I have had no
meaningful direct contact with you.

Because of this unfortunate situation
I am no longer obligated to
resume our joint efforts.

I recognize our rights,
an equal share/interest in
any and all potential future revenue
generated and made possible as a result
of our past combined efforts.

Our original stated intentions
interests promised to each other
ensures our copyright interests
are protected and guaranteed by law.

Don Beeton

All Rights Reserved


Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


Familiarize yourself with the details and the sequence of events that I describe.
Numbered 1-5 combined these five separate Return Viewer Guides
describe what a viewer sees actually happening when the speeding forward rolling
Ancient Celestial Object returns and crosses down in front of the Moon.

Even if you decide that you are not going to read anything else, if you read Return Viewer's Guide #1, you will know
the basic idea of what actually happens when the ancient Object returns & crosses down in front of the Moon.
Find in point form Return Viewer's Guide #1, approximately 20% of the way down the page;
Return Viewer's Guide For Use With Or Without A Small Backyard Telescope

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