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I'm Actually Not A Writer, That Explains A Lot

Soon after you start reading my pages it will be very obvious to you that I'm not an actual writer. I'm a single dad, I have two children and I used to be a heavy equipment operator local 793 I.U.O.E. Unfortunately I was injured at work in the late nineties. I have been a full time single dad since that time. When the kids were three and five years old for all the important reasons that motivate a parent to do their best to ensure their children's safety and prosperity into the future, I knew that it was finally time for me to finally start to really do something about the situation I know we are all in because of the presence of the returning Object. There were other reasons as well but there was a moment when once again the full weight of this returning Object business struck me and at that time for the first time I found myself really thinking about the real danger my two children were in because of the returning Object. We are all in the same boat together and the danger they face is no greater than the danger we are all in but suddenly for me it was different now, I felt my real fear of the Object, for my kids and I knew I had to do something to try to reduce the potential negative impacts of the Object's next crossing, if there are any negative impacts. The only thing I can do and the best thing I can do is to say what I saw and try to do my best to provide accurate descriptions and viewing advice that are free and available for everyone to know. I know that the only thing that could potentially lower the danger that my kids are in is to try to make people aware that there is a returning Object so that we all can brace for this event, all of us in the world together. Once that hopefully happens especially after the Object is detected finally people will have a real picture of what's happening and then certain steps can be taken and the things that have to happen to lessen any potential negative impacts to the Earth and us that the Object may cause, will have been taken, I hope.

First I want to thank everyone who takes the time and has the patience to read about the Object and the Moon's Changed Light from the pages I wrote. It has been my honor to be able to tell you about what I saw. Be clear that I know there's no way people can possibly believe my descriptions today. I know I wouldn't believe any of this either if I hadn't seen it for myself. I don't expect you to actually believe anything at all to do with what I say I saw. In fact if you tell me that you believe my descriptions I won't believe you. There's what's possible and there's what's impossible. Ok so this puts us all in the same place where no one believes anyone and all that there is standing in between a person being exposed to the exact details of what happens is my poor grammar spelling etc and the tremendous difficulties that there are for a person who has seen the Object and the Moon's Changed Light who is trying to explain and accurately describe those many impossible sights that happen within the Moon's shocking Changed Light, and that person's willingness to look at my descriptions and viewing advice and my guesses about some of the many things I wonder about. The odds are against a situation where a person actually even looks past the first two sentences on any given page that I have written so it is uphill all the way for that person, you and me today. I want to reach you and tell you what I saw and some of the things I know because of what I saw and my guesses about things. I know this matters to you. Because I am not a writer and even more so and along with that because I am not an editor this task becomes harder because of the difficulties for the reader when they encounter my grammar errors. I know it's no fun reading anything that is not well written. That's what people are used to and what they can rightfully expect to normally encounter.

Certainly it will take the rediscovery of the returning Object before people will start to read my descriptions and they will no matter how bad my writing is because it won't matter how bad my writing is because everyone will be suddenly intensely focused on what's ultimately actually really important here and it's not my lack of writing skill or ability and thorough knowledge of how to write in english.

Through all my writing and grammar mistakes repeated and missing words etc and run on sentences that are somehow written in reverse with me finishing a sentence were I should have started I keep writing about the Object and the Changed and Lasting Light and I keep trying to fix my grammar mistakes and I try to get it right because I did see the Object and especially the Moon's Changed Light and I feel the pressure and the weight of responsibility and at the same time separately I know the very warranted real fear the Object brings that same fear that you might now know for yourself because you might be reading here because the Object's been detected, so I write and I go on trying to write more and do the right thing and so I keep going on and my sentences run on and on and on because I don't know when to stop and I don't have the time to learn to write english in the right and proper way even though it's my first and only language I still write and talk and tweet and I go on and on and I know it drives the reader up the wall but I saw the Object and the Moon's Changed Light and feel the pressure and I know the very real fear of seeing the Object from up very close and so I go on and on and on because I know what's actually important and it's not about how good or bad a writer I am although that is important to. Did I say that right? Sorry about that, obviously I'm my own editor. When I write I have to go back and try to figure out if I can fix it or if I have to delete it. In this case I probably should have deleted it.

I'm always extremely excited and blown away by how fantastic the Object is and how profoundly fantastic the Changed Light is but I am also worn down under the pressure of knowing what happens for basically what has been my whole life. I am absolved but it's always more than that because along with deciding to do something about this I have to try to document and present my impossible to adequately describe information and what I know in a way that is done well enough so that people have a real chance to know about what happens. My ultimate goal is to communicate my information and the exact details of what is seen within the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light well enough so that other people today can also see the exact same thing I saw and hopefully well beyond the point that my view of the Changed Light ended.

Very understandably so far it has not been possible for people to read very far into or very much of anything that I have written. Hopefully there will be enough time in between when the Object is detected and when it gets back home for people to be able to read descriptions of the Object and the repeating Changed and Lasting Light sights that are about to be seen over the Object's upper right horizon and to the right of the Object again.

A problem I know I will have is that people are going to misinterpret my writing and what I was trying to say. This is unavoidable. Please consider the big picture and how I am trying to help everyone. If I write something you take offence at please understand that this was not my intent. I don't apologize for describing exactly what happens and what I saw. If that's what offends you then I suggest you leave me out of it because in that event it turns out that this is between you and the Object and the Man of Light. When I'm wrong about something that's all it is and I have been wrong before and I'll be wrong again about some things. My understanding has always been evolving but I only understand up to whatever point today. You in the future will know more than I know today.

There's a lot of reasons why I knew I had to start writing as a way to start to describe what I saw. First and foremost I saw the Awesome Good and I'm a father. I saw the Object and not just the Changed Light but the very heart of the Changed Light where the big main shadow strikes and causes the creation of the Man of Light! This is a tremendously big thing to actually know about! In fact it's so big that it's way way to big for me and yet somehow this is how it's turned out all these many years later. I never could have guessed this years ago when I was that young boy that night when I saw the Object and went face to face with the Man of Light through a small backyard telescope. It was a few years before I finally began to realize that what I saw was not widely known and then by around 1976 or 1977 or so when I was 16 or 17, I was really finally sure that it really seemed as if basically no one actually knew about the Object and what really happens when it crosses down in front of the Moon. This realization is still something that still completely shocks and confounds me.

There are many things that I don't understand about the Object and there are many many things I don't understand about Moon's Changed and Lasting Light, this especially so. The basic bottom line for me is even though I'm no expert and even though I make mistakes and my writing is bad and many of my guesses about things were wrong and will be wrong and even though I know I don't understand the complete big picture I did see the Object and I did see how it changes the light from the Moon. It is very clear to me that I have a responsibility to try to report and describe what I saw even though I'm not actually a writer. I hope that this helps you to be able to have patience with me and my writing when you read what I wrote. Thank you for reading.


Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


Familiarize yourself with the details and the sequence of events that I describe.
Numbered 1-5 combined these five separate Return Viewer Guides
describe what a viewer sees actually happening when the speeding forward rolling
Ancient Celestial Object returns and crosses down in front of the Moon.

Even if you decide that you are not going to read anything else, if you read Return Viewer's Guide #1, you will know
the basic idea of what actually happens when the ancient Object returns & crosses down in front of the Moon.
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Return Viewer's Guide For Use With Or Without A Small Backyard Telescope

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