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The Crossing Down

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Mr. W. Spill Reported The Object Crossing Down May 24, 1926

Die Sterne
Messages from Science and Life

When I first discovered a reference to a report about Mr. W. Spill's sighting of a celestial object it was from this website page I believe. "The German astronomical magazine "Die Sterne" reported that a German amateur astronomer named W. Spill had observed a second moon cross our moon's disc on May 24, 1926."

One of my first thoughts was that obviously there just wasn't a lot of celestial objects crossing the Moon's disc especially a type of object that someone who was an amateur astronomer would describe as being a moon. In a general way that's basically what I saw. The Object does look similar in appearance to a typical moon however there are very big differences for example the tremendous speed of the Object and it's stunning forward rolling motion as it travels along it's highly eccentric extremely long retrograde orbital path. The massive towering vertically standing crater rim pieces that neatly ring every crater are staggering and very familiar looking and completely different from the typical impact craters seen throughout our solar system. The fact that the Standing Stone craters on the crossing Object's surface exist and are on a planetary size and scale is of profound importance. In the sunlight in front of the Moon the colour of the smooth crease marked indentation lined brilliantly reflect surface of the crossing Object matches the colour of the light areas of the Moon. Even with all of the important differences between the crossing Object and a typical moon at a basic level they are both barren worlds with craters. If Mr. Spill observed the same celestial object that I saw I can understand why he would describe it as being a moon.

Mr. Spill's report is not only my best clue it's my only real clue as to when the Object I saw might be back. There is the Apollo detection when nasa lost contact with their four Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Packages (ALSEP) when the Object I saw blocked the signals they were transmitting from the lunar surface but I don't know the date and time of this occurrence and although incredibly important the Apollo detection does not tell me the date of the Object's last crossing down before I saw it. The ALSEP stations ran from deployment until they were turned off on September 30th 1977. This means that there were four Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Packages deployed and operating at the time the Object I saw crossed in front of the Moon. Uncovering or locating the date of this event is crucial in an overall sense regarding understanding the Object's orbit and how it interacts with the Moon and the Earth. The time of this "nasa anomaly," is known down to the last seconds when they lost contact with the four separate ALSEP signals through to the time when those four separate signals were reacquired by ground tracking stations.

Mr. Spill's observation was three nights before the full Moon. I know that works for me remembering back to that night I saw the Object the Moon was basically a full Moon or very close to it so Mr. Spill's observation three nights before the full Moon clearly fits with my view of the Moon on that night.

The retrograde Object travels at a tremendous speed through between the Moon and the Earth in approximately 5 minutes give or take. Certainly the Object takes less than ten minutes to travel this distance. I used to think it was more like 2-3 minutes but I have at least partially reconsidered and it may actually take up to 5 and even 5 1/2 minutes to travel this distance considering that the crossing angle itself adds distance and time. Could the Object take as long as 6 minutes and a couple seconds to cross through? I have to say maybe because that may actually be the case however less likely 6 minutes or slightly more seems to me. Writing this page caused me to realize that the Object's crossing time could be at least slightly longer than 2-3 minutes.
Size Scales In Our Solar System And The Crossing Object

The Object's top to bottom sink rate of motion is approximately one half of the Object's left to right crossing rate of motion as seen from the Earth.

The Object's forward roll rate is difficult to determine but I'm going to guess it's probably approximately one forward roll per 45 - 65 seconds. Similar to when I'm trying to guess how long it takes for the Object to travel the distance between the Moon and the Earth my guesses concerning the Object's forward roll rate also vary slightly and you will find examples of this throughout all of my writing.

The Basic Flight Path                         

Even though the Object crosses at a point well out in front of the Moon towards the Earth, it also crosses at a point that is well out from the Earth towards the Moon. I am mentioning this point because I realize that this point can help a person to better understand the image; "The Basic Flight Path." I created my basic flight path image in 2005 with a couple of styrofoam balls and a pipe cleaner when I started my website about the Object.
A Basic description of the Object

Illustrating the forward rolling crossing Object's orbital path down through between the Moon and the Earth with 100% accuracy is not possible. However in general with a very slight adjustment, The Basic Flight Path image is exactly what the forward rolling Object's orbital crossing angle looks like. Unfortunately there's no way that I know of that would allow me to properly illustrate the Object's incredible speed. Take the Indiana Jones boulder and slow it down and look at it directly in the middle from close up and that does simulate the effect you see when you see the Object however a big difference is that the Object is the size of a small planet and that does have a profound effect on the perspective that viewer has especially when using a small back yard telescope the way I saw the Object.

Adjustment: The left to right crossing angle and the top to bottom sink rate shown might be slightly high. Slightly reduce the left to right crossing angle. Also very slightly reduce the top to bottom sink rate angle and this may be a closer approximation than the angles across and down that are shown in my Basic Flight Path Image.


For a long time I searched for information about Mr. Spill's report but was always unsuccessful. I was very worried about what I would find if I was to finally learn the details of Mr. Spill's report. I saw the Object but I had no sense of when it was here before I saw it and I had no idea when it would be back. What if it was instantly obvious to me that Mr. Spill had seen a different celestial object? What if his report didn't sound anything at all like what I saw? If that happened I knew that I would be completely lost without any sort of clue as to when the time of the Object's next return orbit down across in front of the Moon would be. What would I do if the basic details of the orbital flight path Mr. Spill described weren't even similar in any way to what I saw? The only clue I had to go on was the basic description in the original report I read about Mr. Spill's observation. Over the years I have stumbled into a couple more references to Mr. Spill's report however aside from slight variations in wording I was not able to find any new details or additional information.

I have clues that confirm with a high degree of probability that I saw the speeding Object roll down across the Moon's disc May 25, 1972 although this is not a certainty. I did see the Object and it will be back eventually and that is a certainty.

Either Mr. Spill saw the same celestial object that I saw or he didn't. The plain and simple fact is that the Object I saw will be back. It will roll towards you from in front of the Moon. It will intercept and transform the light from the Moon. In the brilliant sunlight the Standing Stone Craters on the surface of the crossing Object will cast many many very black long tall shadows up over, past and beyond the Object's upper right horizon into the Moon's suddenly changed light. Well before this point you will have realized for yourself that you are in fact seeing the big ancient thing that was written about and celebrated by all our ancestors. The Return Viewer's Guide is my attempt to try help. Sooner or later inevitably the Object will be seen crossing down through between the Earth and the Moon again.

  • It was May 24, 1926 three nights before the full Moon when Mr. Spill saw the object that he saw.
  • Three nights before the full Moon in May 1972 is May 25th and that is 46 years and one day later.
  • 46 years and one day after May 25, 1972 it will be May 26, 2018.
  • It turns out that the May 26, 2018 date is also three nights before the full Moon.
  • The Object may be back home crossing down between the Moon and the Earth May 26, 2018.
  • Sooner or later eventually the celestial Object that I saw will be back.

May 24, 1926 __ then 46 yrs, 1 day later

May 25, 1972 __ then 46 yrs, 1 day later

May 26, 2018

The Object could be back crossing down
May 26, 2018 then 46years and 1 day later it will be May 27, 2064.
Lunar Perigee Alert May 27, 2064

When Will The Ancient Object Return?

It was a pleasant clear night, tee shirt weather the night I saw the Object.

My Friend, Mike T.
"As for the scope, I am sorry to say I do not have it anymore. A yard sale item many many years ago. Sorry for this bad news. I know you would have been thrilled to see it again. I do have a very clear memory of the scope. I remember setting it up and the eye pieces I had and the packaging it came in. A small Tasco 3" achromat model popular at that time.

I do remember a night when we went viewing with my Dad. I do not remember seeing the special event you saw. . . If I remember right, we had the scope set up in my front drive way. I got the scope for Christmas. My birthday is in June."

I would like to thank Mike for sending me this information and once again most importantly for me I want to thank Mike for inviting me over to his house to look at the Moon that night. By a complete stroke of luck I saw the Object, thanks to Mike and his dad Herb.

The month of May in 1972 does work. Three nights before the full moon April 11, 1972 by 8pm it was foggy and 3.9° C. in Lorne Park, Mississauga Ontario Canada where I lived at that time. April 1972 doesn't work and Mike says that he received the telescope for christmas so it we could have been out looking at the Moon in May 1972. The night of May 25, 1972 the sky was clear where I lived in Lorne Park along with basically all of south west Ontario, Canada.

I now have a scanned image of the article that was published in Die Stern (The Stars) astronomy magazine discussing Mr. W. Spill's reported astronomical sighting May 24, 1926.

I continue to have difficulty with the translations I have obtained using online translators. I am guessing that the reason for the translation problems may possibly be caused by a slightly different version of a German dialect that is not clearly recognized by the online translator. I just guessing and I don't know the reason way I can't generate a good complete translation. In spite of this I have been able to see that so far I am unable to find any details or information in the report that causes me to suspect that Mr. Spill saw a different celestial object compared to the Object that I saw. I am able to confirm for myself with a very high degree of probability that the Object's orbital path as described by W. Spill matches the "Object's Flight path" as I describe without any contradictions that I am able to notice.

Through less than satisfactory translation example:

Observed on May 24, 1926... astronomer, W. Spill... a dark... a big ball... in the southeast almost full Moon crossed from top to bottom
and also after that remained visible. After its exit from the disc... appeared gray... and was gradually weaker until disappearance...
the total... time visibility was 36 seconds.

This is a great relief for me. As I mentioned information from Mr. Spill's report is obviously crucial for me in my effort to try to understand when I saw the Object and very importantly trying to understand when it will be back. Not only did Mr. Spill's object cross the Moon's disc matching what I saw the flight path he describes is a match with what I saw in the sense that the Object crosses down across the face of the moon from the moon's upper left area towards the lower right area of the Moon. It arrives down from the east, it crosses down through between the Moon and the Earth. Rolling forward in the direction of travel it continues down disappearing into the Earth's shadow as it moves past the Earth towards the area beside and below the sun. Then it continues down heading out of the solar system to ultimately return again to cross down through again as a part of it's incredible bizarre orbital cycle.

This is one way to think of this situation. What are the odds that the bizarre orbital flight path I describe would or could ever match up with anyone else's reported astronomical sighting unless they actually saw and described the same object? It seems the odds against have to be literally astronomical that there should be no way that the orbit for the Object that I describe that is so different than every other known type of orbit in our solar system could be a match with any other reported orbit unless the same object was being reported. Did I say that right?

After reading small parts of Mr. Spill's report it appears that it is possible that he actually did see and report the same celestial object that I saw. There's no guarantee and this is a guess based on what I saw and the incomplete information I can gather from my translation attempts. I need an accurate translation in order to be able to better understand Mr. Spill's report.

In the report Mr. Spill describes a dark object and it appears the author of the article correctly points out that an object in space in front of the Moon as described by Mr. Spill, "almost full Moon," would be lit up by the sun. The fact that Mr. Spill describes a dark object tells me that if he saw the same object that I saw he first started viewing or describing the Object when it was already in front of the Moon. Once in front of the Moon at a certain point a very large raised area on the Object's surface casts a very large shadow over the Object's surface turning the surface black. If Mr. Spill had started viewing a few seconds earlier he would have seen how the Object is very reflective and it shines very brightly with reflected sunlight while in front of the Moon.

Mr. Spill then describes a gray colour later after the Object finished crossing down in front of the Moon. When illuminated by sunlight the Object's colour is an exact match with the gray colour of the bright areas of the Moon. Traveling slightly downwards from the upper left of the Moon, and then simultaneously after slowly crossing from the left to the right and completely eclipsing the Moon the extremely fast moving Object continues forwards towards the Earth down into the Earth's shadow then it travels beside and below the Earth and past towards the area beside and below the sun. Then it looks like maybe 46 years and one day later the Object crosses down again! With the Object's bizarre nature and incredible speed and a retrograde orbit that is highly elliptical, this incredible Object and the way the Moon's light becomes changed is the most fantastic thing without question.

By luck Mr. Spill's report exists otherwise I would have no clues and no idea whatsoever regarding the time of the return of the Object I saw. Now that I have a real basic sense of what's in the report things are clearer and more certain for me. I look forward to eventually reading and understanding more of Mr. Spill's report. I am wondering if he mentioned the Object's very high speed and forward rolling motion or other specific details etc.


Thank you, Sterne und Weltraum  


Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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