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The Crossing Down

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The Thinker, The Sphinx, Moai Tuturi, The Man Of Light

On this page even though technically I am making a correction it is really more like a clarification that helps to explain and describe what has basically been my journey of discovery from the time I saw the Object and the Man of Light up until today were I know I still have a long way to go. I realized that years ago when I first saw the Thinker statue I latched onto it because of how similar it looked to the actual Man of Light. I first saw The Man Of Light from above and behind while he was sitting crouching or kneeling facing away from me towards the distance of the valley. I used to think that the Man of Light had his right elbow on his left knee supporting his chin because that is the classic Thinker's upper body position. In a way I still think of him as the Thinker not because I think of him in the classic Thinker pose anymore but because from behind the Thinker does look exactly like the Man of Light and also because of the calmness of this moment as you look down at him right after his sudden creation by the point of the big main shadow. Like the awesome tranquil seconds as you look around the fantastic ancient valley with the huge mound on the forward rolling Object's surface transforming into the overhang before the startling appearance of the shadow suddenly under the overhang, looking at the muscular Man of Light from close above and behind is a fantastic wondrous and tranquil experience.

Looking around the ancient Changed and Lasting Light Valley was a very calm wondrous experience for me and I'm certain that other people will describe seeing the valley in a similar way. Suddenly seeing the Man of Light right after he was created by the point of the big main shadow was a similar experience were although I was in complete shock realizing what I was seeing. Those seconds were special and again I also think of these seconds as tranquil and moments of fantastic profound contemplation so the Thinker name still does fit and describe the Man of Light to some degree.

Today I realize that years ago long before the internet I had seen the Thinker in one of my Dad's encyclopedias. I was very fortunate because my Dad always had a large collection of books so much so that in one of the homes that we lived in he converted an attached garage into a den that was basically a library with book shelves from the floor to the ceiling on every wall except for one section of wall that featured a very large map of the world. Along with his sets of encyclopedias his main interests were and are history and ancient history. After seeing the Object later in my teen years I used to spend a lot of time in the den doing homework, watching sports on tv and looking at and reading about many ancient sites and things from around the world thanks to my Dad's book collection.

I saw the Thinker and figured that it had to be a depiction of the Man of Light. That was really all the information I had at the time so I had nothing else to go on and plus the Thinker actually is a very accurate depiction of the Man of Light when you see him from above and behind after he is first created by the point of the big main shadow. Eventually I made it online years after the whole internet thing got started.

Thanks to the internet I was able to start to make sense of what I saw. It wasn't long before I realized that I was able to find many things that were obviously related to the crossing Object and especially the fantastic sights that are created and seen within the Moon's Changed Light. The simple fact is that it has been the availability of information thanks to goggle searches that has enabled me to be where I am today in my overall understanding regarding the entire situation regarding the Object and the Changed Light. Thankfully I have had access to the internet because it has simply made all the difference. I can easily picture many people through time who saw the Object and the Changed Light and especially the Man of Light and his friends and were never able to begin to understand more about what they saw because that used to be me before I was able to go online.

I have never seen a single truly ancient depiction of the Man of Light where he is depicted in the classic Thinker body position. Instead his arms are depicted at his sides with his elbows bent. After he gets up and turns around he stares up at you eye to eye face to face as you look down at him from the place the Changed Light causes you to see from. Look at the angle that Easter Island's Moai Tuturi (Rano Raraku) is looking up at. It's a match with the upward angle that the sphinx looks at to on. The face of the sphinx is a clearer depiction of the Man of Light's face compared to the Moai Tuturi's face but when when you look at the Moai Tuturi's face it definitely does look like the face of the Man of Light.

Another reason why I am pointing towards Moai Tuturi is because as I have stated in many places before the Moai on Easter Island are copies of the group of human forms that are seen suddenly created at the instant the Changed Light rises. This is also the point where the way the Man of Light looks has transformed into his second look with the lines flowing outwards from his face and the area of his face were a beard would grow has turned a darker gray. Because I know for a fact that the human figures that are suddenly arrayed beside and behind him on the floor of the sunken room do look exactly like the Moai it's an easy guess for me to be able to say that Moai Tuturi is very highly likely a depiction of the Man of Light.

There are many other truly very ancient depictions of the Man of Light found all over the world. I mainly stick to third evolution of the Man of Light the sphinx, because of the clear depiction of his face and also Moai Tuturi because of the fact that he is so compelling to me for many reasons. Looking at Moai Tuturi gives me a chance to see through the eyes of the ancient people and learn more about what I saw. Moai Tuturi does not have his right elbow on his left knee and Moai Tuturi is crouching. I have always said the the Man of light is either sitting crouching or kneeling facing away towards the valley when he is seen after being first created. Moai Tuturi is depicted kneeling. Does this suggest that he is kneeling when he is first created? Maybe and I'm going to say probably yes but it's complicated and this might not be the definitive answer to the question is he sitting, crouching or kneeling. Definitely the actual real Man of Light does not have his right elbow on his left knee in the classic Thinker pose the way I thought he did for a long time as evidenced by his many ancient depictions from around the world. Check my podcast and the Return Guides where I mistakenly describe him this way over the years.

This is a very good example of how my understanding concerning many things changes mostly based on new information or sometimes my thinking as I progress in my overall understanding of the big picture and the details within the big picture. Thanks to being able to search and stumble into things on the internet I know much more than I would have known otherwise.

I was in error describing the Man of Light as the Thinker. There are many things that I am in error on concerning the many guesses I make concerning the details in the Changed Light that I didn't see first hand for myself. Sometimes I don't understand clues when I find them. There are other times when I find something like the Thinker statue and I think it's a clue and yet it is not and in this case it took me decades before I was able to understand this situation. I used to say that I never knew that the man of Light had his right elbow on his left knee until I saw the Thinker statue. Fortunately overall I do make progress sorting through clues and gradually I understand more.


Kneeled moai Easter Island 

Moai Tuturi (Rano Raraku)


Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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